A co-operative development fund

The co-operative economy involves and supports many millions of people and yet forms just a fraction of the wider economy. Co-operative organisations are inherently more resilient than investor-owned companies, with a far higher survival rate over the crucial early years, but they need skilled input during the set up phase.

The co-operative development community, the people and organisations with the skills and expertise to provide this crucial advice and support to new co-operative start-ups and more established co-ops, are in short supply. We need to grow more of them. This is a key driver for us here at Platform 6.

How the Fund works

  • Members, as individuals or co-operatives contribute to the growing fund.
  • Anyone can apply to the fund, for any activity that supports co-operatives. This might be some research, an event, travel costs or paying for co-op business advice.
  • The members of the Platform 6 co-operative decide on what is funded and can also submit their own proposals.

Become a contributor

You can join Platform 6 here, help grow the fund and get involved.