Crowdsourcing co-operative development

We're a platform co-operative with the goal of being an innovative engine for the creation of other new co-operatives (both platform and otherwise). Our open P2P mutual support model will enable us to crowdsource innovation, finance and support, and will open up new opportunities to expand the co-operative economy.

We're bringing co-operative development into the era of the digital platform. Our vision is to build a rich, sustaining community of interest and active support, providing new start co-operatives with a nurturing environment that both accelerates their early stage development and builds over the long term.

Get involved - Join today

Whether you're a co-operative or a co-operator, you can help us build Platform 6. You can:

  • Contribute to and co-manage our fund for co-operative development.

  • Share resources, network and trade with other co-operatives.

  • Co-create new and exciting initiatives to grow the co-operative economy.

  • Play an active role in the governance and development of the co-operative.

We have soft launched Platform 6 and our membership is growing rapidly. Sign up here.

The Future

We are exploring our strategy and ways of working with our new members through our members' Loomio Group.

We are also operating a public Loomio Group, where anyone can join the conversation. We welcome enquiries and questions on the public Loomio Group, whether it's a request for support, links to others who can help or just testing your co-operative idea.

Check out the public Loomio Group here.