CTRLshift Emergency Summit for Change

  • Posted on: 15 April 2019
  • By: Mark

Platform 6 members are off to Stoke in early May to meet with others looking to explore how we can combine our creativity and knowledge to plan real solutions and alternatives to our current inequitable and fast-failing economic and social system. We are proud to be a partner organisation in this fabulous and inspiring initiative.

CTRLshift – an Emergency Summit for Change will involve 80-100 folk from a great range of organisations working in permaculture, co-operatives, social justice, new economics, novel finance, community energy, sustainable food, solidarity economics, governance and much more.

This way of working with communities of learning and practice is perfect for us at Platform 6 – a chance for us to get a peep into other peoples toolboxes, swap and adapt strategies and find ways to work together for mutual benefit.

We will be talking about our new co-op - Platform 6 – a new on-line supportive community which is crowdsourcing support, advice and money for the development of new and existing co-operatives.

We are there primarily to learn what fellow travellers are up to and to contribute to solutions.

Another economy is not only possible but essential.

Mark Simmonds