Platform 6 Wiki

This is the start page for the Platform 6 wiki.

Here's how to create a new wiki page, and have it linked to from this main wiki start page:

  1. Edit this page, and add in a suitable link to your yet to be created wiki page. As we go we'll probably add some structure and a table of contents. For now, add a line that looks something like:
  2. This will create the link to your new page, so when you save your edit and view this page you'll be able to see and click the link to your new page.
  3. When you do click the link to you new page, because it doesn't exist yet, you'll be taken straight to the wiki page creation form.
  4. That's it.

To be able to co-create our wiki, you'll need to be a member of the Platform 6 cooperative.

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